e-book readers or paper: which one?

i got an e-book reader (kindle) for two reasons – it’s lighter on my hands and it’s green. the lighter bit i am sure it is, but the green bit, i assumed because of the fact that no paper is used.

after i bought it, i did some secondary research.  there are some interesting things to say. read these pieces if you are considering an e-book reader. some many points here to help you make that decision.

short of long: e-book readers are green only if you read a LOT each year.

‘lot’ is defined by different articles as a different number. one study says around 40 books a year. this takes into account carbon during the entire life cycle of that e-reader device.

from: www.scgh.com

“We must consider not only the trees needed to make paper versus the manufacturing of electronics products, but the shipping costs, fuel, and ultimately, the energy needed to recycle these materials at the end of their days.  Not to mention, what ultimately happens to e-waste?   Where do the non-recyclable remains end up?”

“If you’re reading 40 or more books per year on your e-reader, that would be the right choice.  But if you use it only occasionally, probably better to stick to a “regular” book.”

another article pegs that number at 20 books a year, but this doesn’t take into account operating costs. 

and some others make it about the number of books read over a period of 4 years. that’s a long commitment, but if you are a reader, you will stick to your reading. right?

“…read three books a month over four years, the e-reader would significantly outperform conventional paper books in carbon emitted.” click for more.

short of long: e-book readers are green only if you read at least 20 books a year, or around 2 books a month!

among devices, the ipad minis are constantly striving be to more green. the amazon kindles and the nooks are not disclosing their carbon footprint.

short short of LONG LONG: use a library! that’s the most sustainable way they say.

hmmm… in a city like bombay that might not be so with the travel involved for me to GET to a library!

if you wish to read further, check out this site: ecolibris. all the best with your quest to be greener. 


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2 thoughts on “e-book readers or paper: which one?

  1. The bottom line for me has always been the smell of a “real” book.. old or new..the feel and texture of the paper..but I am a sentimental romantic like that 🙂


  2. hey nishita. i thought i would be like that too… but taken to e-book readers rather easily. think the ‘green’ argument got me sold, only to realise its not that green as compared to being a member of a library!


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