where did you spend NYE?

(honest confession: came across NYE on social media and kept wondering what it meant.don’t i sound daft? then figured that it was New Year’s Eve.)

i spent new year’s eve in an organic plantation in coorg, in the open air dining room of the guests, with the sounds of water trickling and falling over stones… music playing on really soft speakers. there was a bon fire with a bunch of people chatting, a carrom game with the champion manager being challenged by a guest… there was a brilliant spread of food that we all munched on late into the night…there was conversation – lots of it. and a really mixed bunch of people – the guests ranged from a banker, marketing manager, IT guy to a taxologist taking a break from work on his phd, a biologist. there were a few entrepreneurs, some textile students and a couple of kids who went to sleep early. there were two farmers from france, couple of farmers from the neighbourhood and a budding frog-expert who was interning at the plantation. wow!

it was a lovely way to spend new years… too passive for some (read: my banker brother!) but delightful for me. pictures, conversations and stories from those travels coming soon!

inspired by an idea by a fellow blogger  on her post – frozen in chiberia (thanks D, love the idea and openly stealing it!) i sent out an email to friends asking them where and how they spent their new years.

from their travels across the globe comes a set of precious pictures. thanks to all who have given me a peep into their lives.

please note: copyright of these pictures rest with the photographers. do not infringe.

let’s travel the world through the lens of 5 different people.

we begin at marrakech, morocco with a quiet evening and a warm fire to welcome a year bustling with new life for this young couple. 

“Spent 31st in Marrakech in the old city… We had a lovely Moroccan meal in a small family-run restaurant right outside the riad (riads are like havelis) where we were staying. By 9.30, we were back in our cosy corner reading and chatting about 2013 and what 2014 had in store! Wished each other a happy new year and fell a sleep by 11pm!” 

head to hampi, india and galavant around with a bunch of buzzed 30 year olds. 

“Hampi…on 31st… headed to rishimuk plateau at 1130 pm after a few drinks.. so that we could have a look at the sky at midnight – the stars and the fireworks…both of us wearing chappals. Not a very good idea as P ended up with a badly sprained ankle…excruciating pain… had to smoke up some to get over the pain before we could head back :))…the 1st of course was therefore spent doing what i love most… lounging around at our guest house cafe :D”

hampi, india
hampi, india

we drop into mumbai. admire and envy this great view from  his window.

“how can anyone not want to be home? “

let’s then head over to beijing, and the range of food on offer… (i am a vegetarian so, i can only shudder!)

“it’s a food street in beijing, where you get all sorts of insects, animals, strange creepy crawlies deep-fried to perfection. then look at a view of the city and the wonderful a play of light….”


we stop at hua-hin, thailand on the way back, bask in some winter sun, white beaches and sand…

neha - 3 neha 2 neha 1

we take a break in the past, at sri lanka! 

galle, srilanka… although two years ago. but with a good reason for not traveling the last two years, decided to still include this set pictures. as they are lovely, aren’t they? 

and drop by hyderabad… and walk into a beautiful, fairylight lit roof-top party!

we end with cutest twins and their fun with family in kerala. one cannot expect them to be awake till 12, though am sure they might just have kept their parents awake with bouts of wakefulness and tantrums through the night 😀

it was great traveling with each of  YOU.

if you reader have a story about NYE then do leave a comment and / or a picture. great traveling with you.

wishing everyone a new year that overflows with experiences and stories. 

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