the origin of ‘daylight robbery’

when i visited bath, went for a heritage walk with the locals organised by the abbey. it was a longish walk around town, with descriptions of everything… we had just been awed by the Royal Crescent (there is a similar set of buildings built in Mumbai, the Royal Crescent being the inspiration!)

and then near the Circus, i was lagging behind, camera snapping away at every window and every wall, he made us pause. and look up at this large window, and then some brick work next to it… and he told us the story about daylight robbery and the origin of that word… in order to generate tax, the government in the 18th & 19th century, and it was dependent on the size of your window. meaning, larger the window, more the tax! so people bricked up windows, and these stand out as you can see the outline of that window frame still. and so the word “daylight robbery”…

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