discovering bombay in mumbai… part 2

the gateway of india. i have been there many times… walked by, read the carved words on the top ‘built to commemorate king george  V’s trip to india’… stood under the shade as i waited for my ferry to alibaug or elephanta caves… read about it the news when a girl was molested on new years’ eve… this was remnant of the past, of another … Continue reading discovering bombay in mumbai… part 2

pao wow goa

whenever i visit goa i don’t forget to have the pao. of course, growing up in maharashtra and still living here, i have a lot of pao around me. but the goan pao… is goan. as the pao is goan. is it not?

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the origin of ‘daylight robbery’

when i visited bath, went for a heritage walk with the locals organised by the abbey. it was a longish walk around town, with descriptions of everything… we had just been awed by the Royal Crescent (there is a similar set of buildings built in Mumbai, the Royal Crescent being the inspiration!) and then near the Circus, i was lagging behind, camera snapping away at … Continue reading the origin of ‘daylight robbery’