nice gals might finish ‘first’!

Years ago I had visited London just after I quit my job and was still searching for what I wanted to be, how I wanted to define myself. That trip to Europe was how I spent most of the money in my bank account. On one leg of that mammoth trip I was making my way to Cornwall from London. I had booked my train tickets online from … Continue reading nice gals might finish ‘first’!

lords, the mecca of cricket

we are a cricket loving family. i grew up watching cricket with my brother and father. cheering loudly at every ball. marveling at how my brother remembered the stats from matches long gone by. i am more the french definition of ‘sportif’… i actively watch sports. then i got married, into another cricket loving family… and my husband plays cricket every sat and sun, even … Continue reading lords, the mecca of cricket

the ballroom

‘living’ in my favourite teenage novels

one of my favourite authors growing up was jane austen. and i read or rather devoured all her books, atleast a couple of times each. i still remember the order: pride & prejudice, emma, persuasion,  mansfield park, northanger abbey, sense & sensibility… i didn’t like sense & sensibility. i have watched the BBC production of pride & prejudice twice, watched the movie emma once (not seen … Continue reading ‘living’ in my favourite teenage novels

the origin of ‘daylight robbery’

when i visited bath, went for a heritage walk with the locals organised by the abbey. it was a longish walk around town, with descriptions of everything… we had just been awed by the Royal Crescent (there is a similar set of buildings built in Mumbai, the Royal Crescent being the inspiration!) and then near the Circus, i was lagging behind, camera snapping away at … Continue reading the origin of ‘daylight robbery’