the roman baths still stand tall and imposing

the romans and their baths…

in this town near london, there is a large pool, made of stone, with an intricate gutter system that ensured the water is always fresh and clean. with numerous alcoves, strong stone carved pillars, huge pillars, statues of roman soldiers lining the terrace, the sky reflecting in the green water, heated saunas with stone steps along the side, separate pools for dips and separate for … Continue reading the romans and their baths…

the ballroom

‘living’ in my favourite teenage novels

one of my favourite authors growing up was jane austen. and i read or rather devoured all her books, atleast a couple of times each. i still remember the order: pride & prejudice, emma, persuasion, ¬†mansfield park,¬†northanger abbey, sense & sensibility… i didn’t like sense & sensibility. i have watched the BBC production of pride & prejudice twice, watched the movie emma once (not seen … Continue reading ‘living’ in my favourite teenage novels

the origin of ‘daylight robbery’

when i visited bath, went for a heritage walk with the locals organised by the abbey. it was a longish walk around town, with descriptions of everything… we had just been awed by the Royal Crescent (there is a similar set of buildings built in Mumbai, the Royal Crescent being the inspiration!) and then near the Circus, i was lagging behind, camera snapping away at … Continue reading the origin of ‘daylight robbery’