shimla and why it surprised me

I had been to Shimla when I was 11 years old, and even then people spoke about the crowd, excessive development, commercial establishments ruining the city and the downward slide of the once summer capital of the British Raj in India. I don’t remember much about that trip. I had gone with my parents and my cousins, and like all family trips, the children tend … Continue reading shimla and why it surprised me

the origin of ‘daylight robbery’

when i visited bath, went for a heritage walk with the locals organised by the abbey. it was a longish walk around town, with descriptions of everything… we had just been awed by the Royal Crescent (there is a similar set of buildings built in Mumbai, the Royal Crescent being the inspiration!) and then near the Circus, i was lagging behind, camera snapping away at … Continue reading the origin of ‘daylight robbery’