of long trips, homesickness and actual sickness!

i’ve been AWOL and still generated so many views this month, makes me wonder if being AWOL is the way to get readers. when i do write, few views, when i don’t many more views. hmmm… i’ve been away for two weeks, and then it takes me a few days to get back into routine or maybe more! i send out emails that were meant to be sent … Continue reading of long trips, homesickness and actual sickness!

walking like the locals

“It’s just here only… Step out of our gate, walk for around 5 minutes. You’ll see a chhota road, take that and keep walking. It’s easy. Max to max one hour, you’ll reach.” This was the guest manager at Three Chimneys Gethia, our halt for two nights near Nainital. And we believed her; that was probably smart and dumb at the same time. The road suggested … Continue reading walking like the locals

the bridges that grow!

A couple of years ago, three of us went on an all-girls trip to Meghalaya . Deciding against popular tourist haunts, we skipped the main Cherrapunji town and made our way to a hotel 15 km in the outskirts instead. The Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, contrary to the name, is a family run guesthouse perched on top of a hill that boasts better views than Cherrapunji … Continue reading the bridges that grow!

#100womenproject – meet amruta

This is Amruta. I met her more than three years ago while traveling across Maharashtra on a project for Getoff Ur Ass. I had spoken to her over the phone and she sounded welcoming, but I had no clue how she would be in person. I shouldn’t have even wondered! I got down from the State Transport Bus in a strange small town, took an autorickshaw to her house and … Continue reading #100womenproject – meet amruta

#100womenproject – sapna, purushwadi

purushwadi, june 2013.   this was one cute, enthusiastic, wide-eyed kid. we were tourists at her house in purushwadi, maharashtra… we walked around, observed her mother pounding rice in the traditional way… sapna (in english: dream) ran around with one kid in her arms. i stopped her, and asked if i could take a picture. she nodded, an all over circle with her head. click. when i … Continue reading #100womenproject – sapna, purushwadi

#100womenproject – the girl & me – jawahar, thane

early 2011. jawahar, thane just two hours away from mumbai, post a hearty lunch that left me bloated with a feeling that i would burst and looking almost on the verge of it like a raisin frying in ghee, i went down to the river. it was a quiet stream, that ran through a patch of plain land, the landscape was one you could find anywhere, in any … Continue reading #100womenproject – the girl & me – jawahar, thane

the girl in rural andhra pradesh

august, 2009 – rural andhra pradesh near kurnool.  it was a rural research study in andhra pradesh to understand awareness, malnutrition and the lives of village girls. the study meant it had to be conducted in a village off a town, X kms inside from the highway and many other criteria! having gotten through all of these obstacles, after traveling 2 hours from the nearby town of … Continue reading the girl in rural andhra pradesh

#100womenproject – jaisalmer, rajasthan: “i let my girls go…”

migrating some of my pages, to my posts. you might see content you’ve read before. bear with me for a bit. jaisalmer, december 2007   i do not remember her name but i remember her story. at a village on the outskirts of jaisalmer, a woman sat washing utensils at a community tap. along with her were many other women, all washing utensils and clothes. with … Continue reading #100womenproject – jaisalmer, rajasthan: “i let my girls go…”

A Curse That Haunts The Streets Of Mysore

Ten rulers were forced to adopt a male heir, 30 temples hidden under layers and layers of sand and the river changed its course… Do you think the Talakad curse still courses through the streets of Mysore and haunts the royal family? The story begins in 1610. The King of Srirangapatna was a vassal of the Vijayanagara Empire. He had an incurable disease and had gone … Continue reading A Curse That Haunts The Streets Of Mysore

And I’m printed!

Some things just creep up on you. And realisation dawns slowly, but then the joy blooms. Editor: “Can I run some of your pieces that have already appeared in an online magazine?” Me: “Ok, that’ll be great.” A pause and then a second email followed… Me: “Will they pay?” Editor: “No, we cannot… sorry.” Me: “Ok, fine…It’s good exposure” (And in my head, Damn DAMN DAMNNN… But … Continue reading And I’m printed!