swimming and me: lesson 1

Do you have that big secret you are really embarrassed about? And you try to avoid all sorts of conversations about it? Well here is mine. I cannot SWIM. I am 32 and in a month’s time will add 1 more year to that figure. Swimming is a life-skill they say. It’s compulsory in some countries for children to learn swimming before they leave primary school, … Continue reading swimming and me: lesson 1

why i LOVE to HATE varanasi

I love Varanasi. And at the same time, I hate Varanasi! Read no further, if you cannot understand this emotion… if you think you feel the same, continue.  Varanasi startles each of my senses every time I visit… and it always takes a little time getting used to the city. From the loud, incessant horns and the clanging temple bells to the dung-lined lanes with … Continue reading why i LOVE to HATE varanasi

the non-religious origins of the festival of HOLI

holi is not one of my favourite festivals. i know its got tomatina festival like status amongst tourists, but growing up in india i did not like it. playing as a child 0f 7 and then later as an adolescent of 15, this festival takes on different colours! i did not like the free license it gave boys to touch girls, anywhere. it was like during … Continue reading the non-religious origins of the festival of HOLI

the ghats of varanasi

The ghats of Varanasi are a fantastic interaction with India in all shapes, sizes, forms and volume levels! Like a densely packed Gujarati thaali, there is always something new and lots of choice to find your favourite!  Cows jostling along with the faithful, and then street dogs chasing each other. In the water, the fervent believer dipping his head in the water, making his offerings to … Continue reading the ghats of varanasi

book review: degree coffee by the yard – good & bad

my foray into reading non-fiction began with city of djinns by william dalrymple. i loved the book, the narrative, what he chose to include and what he chose leave out, his entire journey of discovery of this city. with the lens of an outsider he managed to get under the skin, and show me a delhi that i actually fell in love with. (am a … Continue reading book review: degree coffee by the yard – good & bad

where did you spend NYE?

(honest confession: came across NYE on social media and kept wondering what it meant.don’t i sound daft? then figured that it was New Year’s Eve.) i spent new year’s eve in an organic plantation in coorg, in the open air dining room of the guests, with the sounds of water trickling and falling over stones… music playing on really soft speakers. there was a bon … Continue reading where did you spend NYE?

inside faces – what are the stories they tell?

i love faces. i love the stories in them. the startled ones. the nervous twitches. the open faces. the stoic faces. some faces draw you in, some make you work and with some you are always the distant outsider. her life lives on her face. the past leads to the present, intertwined on one face. it emerges at every corner and shows you her life. that … Continue reading inside faces – what are the stories they tell?

irani cafes of mumbai: yazdani bakery, fort

  yazdani bakery is an irani cafe. it was opened by meherwan zend in 1953, a parsi baker. the building was originally a japanese bank, but then later sold off. run by the third generation now, it had about it a quaintness…  like all irani cafes it seems like a lack of maintenance, things just seem to lie about, as is… and as always was! i don’t … Continue reading irani cafes of mumbai: yazdani bakery, fort

Supriya Sehgal is merrytoTALK

This is a new series where travellers who’ve taken the unpaved road talk about their experiences, trysts and their life. Welcome to merrytoTALK. Hope to bring together a bunch of people who inspire me with their wandering lives 🙂 The first person to meet is SUPRIYA SEHGAL! I was first introduced to her as a friend’s friend in Bangalore, and then found myself hoping she would give … Continue reading Supriya Sehgal is merrytoTALK