ganesh chaturthi & how it all began

Ever wondered why Ganesh Chaturthi became such a public festival in the state of Maharastra? If you’ve cursed the traffic jams, wondered why religion moved out of homes and considered atheism every time Ganesh comes visiting, then this is the piece for you! Continue reading ganesh chaturthi & how it all began

the “church” in churchgate

If you’ve lived in Mumbai even for a short while you would have come across Churchgate station — that is the first stop on the Western line at the extreme South of Mumbai. But what many people do not know is the reason why it’s called Churchgate? Don’t we sometimes say words so often we even forget why they must have had an origin? What’s the ‘Church’ and … Continue reading the “church” in churchgate

it’s navroz, let’s PARSI!

My latest article that was posted on Lonely Planet India’s website today.  Check it out, and let me know what you think! The original link — It’s Navroz, let’s PARSI! August 18 is Parsi New Year and while the Parsis are celebrating with prayers and festivities, let us celebrate this wonderful community. Let’s get a little bit of ‘Parsi’ in each of us. Walk by a Parsi … Continue reading it’s navroz, let’s PARSI!

the freedom trail mumbai!

This article just went up on Lonely Planet India’s website. Let me know what you think 🙂 And Happy Independence Day to all the Indians out there! Visit it here: The Freedom Trail, Mumbai.   Mumbai might have blossomed under British attention but this city also played a crucial role in the fight for an Independent India. The first ever session of the Indian National … Continue reading the freedom trail mumbai!

have you been to devaraja market, mysore?

A company is running a competition for ‘vibrant india’ and it got me thinking about some of my pictures from Mysore. Don’t you think bazaars are such colourful places? they make for great photographs, lovely afternoons walking around and struggling attempts at good candid shots, without attracting glares. Simple curiosity is always good– it results in great conversations always. This is Mysore’s Devaraja Market. It is more than … Continue reading have you been to devaraja market, mysore?

#100womenproject – sapna, purushwadi

purushwadi, june 2013.   this was one cute, enthusiastic, wide-eyed kid. we were tourists at her house in purushwadi, maharashtra… we walked around, observed her mother pounding rice in the traditional way… sapna (in english: dream) ran around with one kid in her arms. i stopped her, and asked if i could take a picture. she nodded, an all over circle with her head. click. when i … Continue reading #100womenproject – sapna, purushwadi

THIS is YOUR next holiday!

Coming your way are travel suggestions for LONG holiday weekends! 2014 has been a good year as far as long weekends go – of course, depending on the days your office choses as its 10 holidays of the year (since that’s how it works in India). August has two long weekends, one is from 15th – 17th and the other from 29th – 31st. The second one is only … Continue reading THIS is YOUR next holiday!

hide-out, jhadpoli, maharastra – your home in a farmstay

A farm 200 kms from Mumbai, built on land bought 23 years ago, in a tiny village that even State transport buses (at times) don’t pass by, that has more than 20 varieties of bananas and many other fruits, and two dogs and many more passing by! This is an experience that takes you back to the basics, and makes no pretensions about it. Situated … Continue reading hide-out, jhadpoli, maharastra – your home in a farmstay

#100womenproject – the girl & me – jawahar, thane

early 2011. jawahar, thane just two hours away from mumbai, post a hearty lunch that left me bloated with a feeling that i would burst and looking almost on the verge of it like a raisin frying in ghee, i went down to the river. it was a quiet stream, that ran through a patch of plain land, the landscape was one you could find anywhere, in any … Continue reading #100womenproject – the girl & me – jawahar, thane