your nails, my story

I love solo travel, it has its ups! What I also think is that when you find that ideal travel partner, then solo travelling can be rather boring and sometimes actually lonely – despite the new experiences. At the end of the day, all I want is that other person to share it all with! This time it wasn’t just about travelling alone, but rather about working in another city for two weeks. I felt a little partner-sick to be honest! Given that I was working on a project about scrounging for the best literature for children, I was reading SOOO much! I was inspired to pen down my own little verse. It’s simple and I don’t know why I like it, but I do… and I really hope you like it too!

(background – my husband cuts his nails REALLY badly. Always chopped and short but either too close to the skin, crooked lines and horrible shapes. Once done, he will sit down and studiously file his nails. Though they will stay in those arbitrary shapes. Don’t think he realises the power of a filer! Anyway, read on.)


your nails
i cut my nails like you today,
don’t make me tell you why.
some were gothic, elegant spires,
and others languid crooked domes.
you might even catch the ragged peaks
of the irregular western ghats
there was no symmetry to chart,
simply call it, abstract art!!!

a variety of shapes and sizes fil(l)ed,
along a narrow canvas of ten.
i cut my nails like you today
and if you ask me why
you’re 1000 miles away,
and it’s tough to get on by.

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