i have RSI

what does my hand say

i have to tell you,
i cannot lie
i have RSI,
and so have i

fyi: that was the right hand talking to the left hand.
fyi2: that is a modified (stolen) version of the line on the psychology department’s t-shirt in graduation. the original one was dedicated to MPD.


i can hear you say, ‘RSI? what is that?’. yes, i didn’t even know about Mr. RSI’s existence but after 14 days off the computer, i definitely know what that stands for.

(another little secret, maybe not really a secret after all – i dislike capitals, so rsi will be RSI as i dislike RSI too!)

it started as some tingling that i ignored, then suddenly there was wrist pain, which went onto to an ache down my arm and till my shoulder. i had just begun yoga again and put it down to my body being finally stretched! but ‘boss’ induced fear and i visited the doctor.

his report: ‘?? repetitive stress injury’
his prescription:’one week of rest and one tablet that has suicidal thoughts as after-effects’

one week later, pain’s reduced but not gone.
his need: blood tests, nerve conductivity test etc
the final diagnosis (drum-roll please): muscular RSI and vitamin d deficiency.

i am now in my third week of ‘rest’ and yes, this is a little rebellion to write just a little bit. i am not supposed to be on the computer, but i felt like i need to get my self here and just explain even if there is just one reader out there…

to all the writers, computer users and all of you out there, be careful. ‘research’ and ‘reconstruct’ are the words i think. look up ergonomics, see what it means and then reconstruct the way you sit, work, write and live.

you don’t want to be me, and you don’t want to be worse off than me definitely!

took me some time to find this job and i do terribly love what i do, but can’t do it now. and the doc isn’t putting a date to it. today’s rebellion of thirty minutes is going to need many ice-packs and will still leave lingering traces of pain at night.

i will be back with just photographs, till my hands settle down.

p.s. i have challenged myself to 100 books from august 2013 to august 2014. i just finished book 15 this morning. wish me luck.

light at the end of the tunnel?
light at the end of the tunnel?

9 thoughts on “i have RSI

  1. Luck.

    That pill sounds like quite the trip – ick!!!
    So sorry you have to go thru this – wishing you a recovery that enables yoga, reading, computer time and no icky pills.


  2. UGH! Sounds painful, get well soon.
    I had mother’s wrist, a type of RSI (or rsi!), when I became a mom and carried the baby a lot. It takes time, patience and loads of distraction to recover 🙂


  3. Thanks Amma…

    Rc – yes yoga and swimming are supposedly good for this.. So while the doc has put a hold on yoga for now, once am better!

    Deepa, didn’t know! Hope it’s better now… Read about mother’s wrist too! Felt (weirdly) good when I read your msg this morning, if you have had it and recovered and doing a lot now!! Makes me say I should patient – but that’s so so tough! Just itching to write all the time, guess more so as its now the forbidden fruit!!


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