all the things i do between trips….

sort out photographs? plan the next trip? gnaw through google in the hunt for a next destination? eat your finger nails at plans that just don’t materialise? fight with husband over what you want to do vs. what he wants to do? comb through your bank balance? update your blog that lagging behind? work? wish for that trip that you know you cannot afford? bite … Continue reading all the things i do between trips….

reminiscing the past…my first holiday…

i think it was at 11. can’t remember anything before that. and this was the BIG trip! for 10 or 15 days we were out of our city. that was huge. i think we did go to nearby places, and every summer to chennai to stay with grandparents… but in those days middle class indians didn’t waste money on ‘site-seeing’ at non-native places. we plonked ourselves at our grandmothers, as all our other cousins did and it was this huge melee of people. of course that’s another story, for anything time and another place… and, middle class tams, definitely did not ‘travel’ and importantly,┬ástay at a hotel!! there were other more ‘educational’ things to be done! right?

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the exotic familiar?

preference for the known non-indian exotic? but not excited by unknown indian exotic? even at the same cost?

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visiting ‘recommended’ artisans in a city, town, village?

should you even bother? this is a situation i have been faced with often… a couple of year ago, i visited the river nila project. set in kerala. this is the efforts of one person to make people respect and care for the river that runs through the north – the malabar region of kerala. over years, there has been much abuse in terms of … Continue reading visiting ‘recommended’ artisans in a city, town, village?

traveling with….

traveling with someone, is always tough. in a new city, you want to own the discovery, set your own pace and find your route! when you are with someone, there is discussion, consensus and ‘common ground’ that is sought. always a killer of the travel buzz.

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