traveling with….

traveling with someone, is always tough. in a new city, you want to own the discovery, set your own pace and find your route! when you are with someone, there is discussion, consensus and ‘common ground’ that is sought. always a killer of the travel buzz.

when i travel alone, with my book, music… i observe, absorb, assimilate, compare & contrast. i find i discover myself more. i get more obsessed with me vs. the outside, my reaction to the outside, than when i travel with another person. and sometimes, you just want to have that non-self time you know. self-time is rather obsessive!

my favourite travel buddy is my husband. we agree on where next, what we want to do, see, eat… and, without feeling like you are on someone’s else’s holiday!

recently, when we traveled together my husband had some last-minute work to do! and he needed to take his computer along. there we were in the middle of wilderness. with him on his computer, saying just 5 more minutes, 5 more… of course it took more than an hour. so much for the para above on freedom when i travel with him. sigh… i spoke too soon did i?

so i had a long drawn conversation with his feet and light. fortunately, his feet were clean.

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