sri lanka: exploring the cultural triangle…

it was a mom-daughter trip. to sri lanka! there were multiple ways to play it.. go to colombo + kandy and then head down towards galle and mirisa. however we decided we didn’t want to meet the indian ocean (will have to go back there for that one day, as always here such rave reviews about sri lankan beaches) decided to even skip colombo! people … Continue reading sri lanka: exploring the cultural triangle…

how a turban made me, a south indian, feel at home!!

this was 15 years ago. my dad worked abroad and i was traveling across the seas to stay with him during my summer break at college. there were a lot of ‘new’ things, first times, to handle! it was my first international flight, and just the third time i was traveling by air anyway. and one of those three times was when i was 8 … Continue reading how a turban made me, a south indian, feel at home!!

hill top view

10 reasons why everyone should visit matheran

matheran is very close to where i spent most of my growing years, but was never tempted. even been dissuaded by friends.

i went there for the first time 5 years ago, and then willingly went again last year! and i wish to make it a hat trick with one more visit in the coming months!

hill top view

here are my TEN reasons why you MUST MUST MUST visit matheran! 

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when mumbai came to a standstill…

i do not get politics and i don’t like to get involved in it… but this has touched a vein deep somewhere. while i am not equipped to comment on politics (don’t know much, or follow much), i am certified to comment on my life! over the last two days, mumbai has been held at ransom. i work from home and have a cocoon-like existence … Continue reading when mumbai came to a standstill…

stepping on the sandakada pahana (moonstone) at srilanka

moonstone at the bodhi temple
moonstone at the bodhi temple

i visited sri lanka last year and that is the first time i came across a sandakada pahana or moonstone in english.

this is a semi-circular stone that is seen at the entrance of the temples at anuradhapuram and polonnaruwa.

buddhism flourished during the anuradhapuram. this is when the moonstone was supposed to have developed the most and become the most elaborate with intricate carvings. prior to that it was a square slab of stone.

carved in stone, the moonstone embodies the teachings of buddhism.

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can i walk out of my house during a solar eclipse?

there are many beliefs about solar eclipses in india… superstitions. i had heard all these growing up!
bad time. deformations. don’t go out. don’t look at the sun. stay indoors. don’t go out!

in 2010, when the annular solar eclipse was passing and would be visible in india, i decided to go and watch. the inspiration came from a friend who was planning to come down from pune for this, but cancelled her trip. i am no star-gazer, or astronomer. i have studied about eclipses in school, but forgotten most about it. i went because i was curious – to watch a total solar eclipse, to visit rameswaram again.

entering rameswaram – the train runs by the road

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how the holocaust museum changed history for me…

the holocaust was a part of this huge war that happened years ago. history, books, stories, movies had built what it was in my head. it was huge. it was drastic. it was despicable. but it was very distant. as an indian, it wasn’t my fight. it had never been. my people at that time were waging another war – on the british raj, for our independence!

on that day, in berlin. it became very real. Continue reading “how the holocaust museum changed history for me…”

do you have any vegetarian food on your menu?

i have always been a vegetarian. my parents are vegetarian. thus, in a way, i was born vegetarian! as i grew up, and i got out on my own (read, could go to restaurants without their supervision) and saw people raving about food that my parents did not eat, i knew i liked animals. too much to eat them. and the concept of eating something so similar to me in form and structure, was gory!

and then i fell in love with traveling. moving out of my house and out of my kitchen. and the fear of finding food i could eat, set in… would there be anything for me? or would i live on biscuits and bread?

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traveling on my own…

there is a sense of freedom, independence and managing all your issues on your own. plus i realise i am more open to the outside world, given that i am not self-sufficient – i seek more, i listen more (eavesdrop more!). i want to form other connections, higher levels of curiosity… more sponge-like,
and at the other end, i can easily retreat into my own world… to music, books, day dreaming… with no one asking me why i am doing that? whether i am bugged, peeved etc? (given that i am a chatter-box!)

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