traveling on my own…

there is a sense of freedom, independence and managing all your issues on your own. plus i realise i am more open to the outside world, given that i am not self-sufficient – i seek more, i listen more (eavesdrop more!). i want to form other connections, higher levels of curiosity… more sponge-like,
and at the other end, i can easily retreat into my own world… to music, books, day dreaming… with no one asking me why i am doing that? whether i am bugged, peeved etc? (given that i am a chatter-box!)

i don’t think i am someone who enjoys traveling alone, always. and i don’t prefer that over traveling with someone else. i like companionship. i like co-discovery. i like co-memories to revisit years later.

the issue is that its tough to find that travel companion that just suits you perfectly. gets what you like doing and you get what they like doing. and one clear point on which i always have an issue: i have high energy levels. and can’t stay in hotel rooms. i wake up at 6am to watch that sunrise especially on a holiday! i will walk that extra long to see something that might not be that hyped, on in the books. quite the opposite of what most people want to do on a ‘holiday’ – generally relax!

and overall, i wonder if me seeking companionship is a cultural thing. as indians are we more inclined to carry our worlds with us? do we find security or comfort in that? are we just not adventurous? on travels, i have met so many people, traveling alone. and totally happy. and this is not a couple of weeks, but months at a stretch! and blissfully happy.

2 thoughts on “traveling on my own…

  1. I can totally relate to your thoughts here. I like traveling alone too, not because I don’t want company but because by doing so I get to immerse myself in the local culture. It gets scary at times in really remote places, but all part of adventure! 🙂
    Here’s wishing you more travels.


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