when mumbai came to a standstill…

i do not get politics and i don’t like to get involved in it… but this has touched a vein deep somewhere. while i am not equipped to comment on politics (don’t know much, or follow much), i am certified to comment on my life!

over the last two days, mumbai has been held at ransom. i work from home and have a cocoon-like existence with only my maid’s chatter, facebook and my husband’s eyes to tell me what’s up in the world outside.

people were scared to stir out, the roads were empty. i was scared to stir.
facebook reports that people are stocking up on food, water, milk, vegetables, petrol and money from atms.
shops were shut.
the gym was shut. it never is. even on sundays & festival holidays.
left me wondering if i should cancel my dentist appointment that is across the city, and bear a weekend of tooth or ear ache (yeah, it has gone that far) & a ten-day wait till my next appointment.
got me debating plans for the night, the usually enthusiastic me is considering ditching. my brave (at times foolishly brave) husband is saying lets not go so far, ask her to pick a place closer.

all of this because one man might die. he is 86, has lived a long life.
but if he dies, mumbai will come to a standstill.
and if it doesn’t, his supporters will riot till it does.


is this the legacy he would want to leave behind? a bunch of imbecile, adrenaline charged rioters and not a group of sensible, mature thinkers? he will be proud if the city grinds to a halt when he dies. all in all, a fitting tribute to someone who has held all of us at ransom many times before.

and in defiance, i will go out tonight!

the sun sets over the city
the ‘son’ sets over the city

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