of long trips, homesickness and actual sickness!

i’ve been AWOL and still generated so many views this month, makes me wonder if being AWOL is the way to get readers. when i do write, few views, when i don’t many more views. hmmm… i’ve been away for two weeks, and then it takes me a few days to get back into routine or maybe more! i send out emails that were meant to be sent … Continue reading of long trips, homesickness and actual sickness!

why you should stay at anegudi not hampi

First Published at: Why I’m Glad I Stayed at Anegudi Instead of Hampi (The Alternative) The turn of the highway was just before the toll-road, my husband and I debated whether it was the right one, but with no mobile network to reconfirm, the satellites directed. We were bang in the middle of our 10 day long road-trip from Mumbai to Karnataka. Earlier in the day we … Continue reading why you should stay at anegudi not hampi

paddy fields, bugs and random walks

I like walking around villages and the back-roads, chucking the route the car would take and just walking, till I find my way home. And rural Kerala, or maybe all villages, just cough up such trails effortlessly. Years ago, we’d walked around the farmland at Kooderi Manna and reached a railway track. City-bred me had never placed a coin and watched a train rush over … Continue reading paddy fields, bugs and random walks

where to make merry in north goa!

And no, it’s not what you think…. Nah nah nah… I was in Goa last weekend and I’m fresh with all the susegado-infused-peace—yes, that much abused word when it comes to all things Goan. A number of people following my Goa feed on Facebook and Instagram messaged me asking for a list of recommendations for Goa. Places to eat this time and not stay. Yes, I … Continue reading where to make merry in north goa!

adiem – the best bnb homestay at nasik

I had gone to Nasik last year with a few friends. It was more to enjoy the drive just after the monsoons, and we stayed at Sula’s resort Beyond. While Beyond is not bad, it is definitely not worth the premium. This year when the monsoons came to a close, a road-trip to Nasik hovered again on the horizon given that lovely drive along the Mumbai-Nasik highway. … Continue reading adiem – the best bnb homestay at nasik

nature’s orchestra plays out at coorg

it was a tiny stream of water that flowed unobserved, hidden behind those green trees and plants, till we approached there was no river. through the thin layer of water the pebbles shone. polished with years of slow and simple weathering unlike the instant glitter of stones that mingled with man-made blades. the sun that drizzled in, soft yet warm through this intricate patterns of leaves that only nature can throw … Continue reading nature’s orchestra plays out at coorg

a cycling introduction to jaipur

This was first published here. “The city was not always pink!” Raja, my guide, drawled in a voice that was laced with the smell and colour of pan. My guide was a cycle rickshaw driver. He had persuaded me to a quick tour around the walled city laced with many stories—all for Rs. 200. “They say,” he continued, “that Queen Victoria was visiting long ago. … Continue reading a cycling introduction to jaipur

walking like the locals

“It’s just here only… Step out of our gate, walk for around 5 minutes. You’ll see a chhota road, take that and keep walking. It’s easy. Max to max one hour, you’ll reach.” This was the guest manager at Three Chimneys Gethia, our halt for two nights near Nainital. And we believed her; that was probably smart and dumb at the same time. The road suggested … Continue reading walking like the locals

the graffiti festival mumbai!

This Sunday, after having seen multiple updates on St. Art Delhi’s Facebook page, I decided to go and check out the latest art that was dotting walls across Mumbai. If you’ve read my previous pieces you will know that graffiti and me have a strong relationship, of course, it’s one sided for now! Read more here. At the entrance to Pali Village is this black and white large … Continue reading the graffiti festival mumbai!

the bridges that grow!

A couple of years ago, three of us went on an all-girls trip to Meghalaya . Deciding against popular tourist haunts, we skipped the main Cherrapunji town and made our way to a hotel 15 km in the outskirts instead. The Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, contrary to the name, is a family run guesthouse perched on top of a hill that boasts better views than Cherrapunji … Continue reading the bridges that grow!