yes, we should support our friend’s work, why don’t we?

just read a brilliant article by nelson roberto… you can read it at “why you should support (share) your friend’s work”.

there is a lot of sense in what he says,

“I noticed something recently. People, for the most part, don’t share their friends’ “work.” By work I don’t mean 9-to-5 day job type stuff, I mean their passion projects. I feel like most people only share articles, pictures, and videos from well established websites. I guess these are “safe to share” because they are popular and are coming from trusted sources. But why don’t we promote our friends more?” 

and i agree… so getting down to it. these are some of my friends and family who are passionate about a range of subjects and i really admire their work…

beethebaker is bringing a lot of fun into the lives of people.

deepa is writing stories to bring alive india for desi kids in the us.

pri is making indian aesthetics and art come alive for a wide audience.

mita is trying to change the world beginning with her local community.

sanasi is changing education in india one school at a time through her experiments with e-learning modules.

madhur is making travel even more beautiful with this gem in the himlayas.

puja is getting children to maximise their potential at her clinic

tulsi, is helping ngos look good.

kala, my mother, is giving haiku the imagination of young students.

amya, my aunt has been rocking the literature and education fields for years now!

what are your friends upto?

leave a comment with a link to their work, i would love to check it out.

5 thoughts on “yes, we should support our friend’s work, why don’t we?

  1. nice one bhavani 🙂 thanks for the link to the article. My friend Ishita Khanna is making a footprint into eco living in the beautiful valley of Spiti…‎


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