chimbai fishing village up at unboxed writers…

my article on chimbai fishing village went up at ‘unboxed writers’… and i am very pleased that they liked that piece and chose to showcase it. i had it on my blog a couple of weeks ago…

check it out at: discovering chimbai fishing village, bandra

litter litter everywhere...


what upsets me is that this village is almost a symbol for the rest of mumbai. there is so much possible beauty even with all this traffic, pollution and population. but, its just getting dirtier with everyday. and we don’t seem to care. and no longer can i keep pointing a finger and saying its the government, the locals of that area, bad parenting, illiterates, unaware or the hazar groups of people that i tend to blame mumbai’s filth on!

what am i doing?

last weekend, i passed by the thane creek and saw a HUGE landfill. the first time i’ve seen a landfill in person, its always been on tv or the internet. and it was huge, and all i could think about was thats my garbage out there, its my biscuit wrappers, my milk covers, my atta covers, its my junk & dirt…

maybe we need ‘the ugly indian’ to come to mumbai!! maybe i should do something about it but what? 


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