i had a plan…

i had a plan to have a lovely weekend out of mumbai.

monday taken as casual leave from work, so we have a three-day holiday… the hotel’s booked. the town is a close-by one that you never visit mainly because it is just too close, so ‘we’ll do it another time’! we have driven through it on our way to pune, but never stayed there. it’s not got rave reviews as a city either.

it must have had its moment of fame. and then its peace was shattered with the hoards of crowds jumping down its throat and trying to find more space than their cramped existence in the choked-up mumbai.

plans all set, i was excited. another new town to set foot in and wander around? then i fell ill. it’s that simple and pesky disease  – the common (and irritating) cold…that translates to – a terrible throat, leaky nose that leaves behind a sniffling me and forces me to carry around a huge hanky (rather small towel, since i don’t want to use tissues) and a relentless, hollow cough, which gets worse when i laugh!!

does everything seem hazy and covered with a snot-like mist when i am down with a cold?

is that a kingfisher on a cable?
is that a kingfisher on a cable?

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