why a photo still doesnt replace a memory for me…

memories of a place, of a time visited, somehow stand alone.

photos dont represent that very memory for me… the memory has more emotion… and the photo becomes but hot button to make me feel all of that all over again… that gush…

i take so many photos. with every trip. but i never know best how to use them. in those days we would have our huge, bound, cockroach-eggs filled photo-albums… which were always placed in this one cupboard that you knew. and you sat there on a boring afternoon and went through all the pictures… saw how ppl looked… chatted about their clothes.. go to know more people… and saw the world through another’s eyes…

but today, with digitalisation. i almost never visit photos. its only when am downloading the next set, from the next travel… photos are on a memory chip forgotten… far away..

how do i unearth these? how do i make them a part of my life and relive those lovely moments once in a while?

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