mount everest from a plane…

it was a long wait at kolkata airport for your ‘international’ flight into bhutan which is nestled comfortably between bengal, bangladesh and the north-east.

mid-flight, the captain announced into the mike “if you all look out of your window, you will see the Mt. Everest.” thats it. thats all he said. so casually (too casually for me!). of course he must have seen the everest from up here many many times… i was wide-eyed and trying to soak in as much as i could, even from the corners of my eye! fortunately… fortunately… we were sitting on the right side of the plane!

the everest left me awe-struck! for multiple reasons…

….. that we were flying that high. in a plane. and that so many brave people out there have climbed till that height. fighting the snow, stark climatic conditions and rarified air. but they fight. almost a battle against nature. and get up there. on their own strength. it got me thinking about them. about that struggle that they dared to dare. and the many people who lost lives, limbs and maybe a lot more on their way up or down! made me wonder what they were made of? what made them tick?

…. and that this THIS is the very peak i have heard so so much about. read about. growing up with that proud feeling about tenzing, almost owning him in this possessive indian way of owning anything that has even a strand of india in it!

…. and it got me wondering, if i would ever climb even till the base camp.. its a journey worth aiming for as it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

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