so i am the planner…

i look at it as a mix of an exam and courting for someone, the nervousness of one and the excitement and high energy of the other! there are so many steps, but i always seem to have a blast..!

first the decision about whom you are going to travel with. when there is a spouse in the picture, most often the decision is made before you begun to think!

the dates – are the toughest, more so when the group is big – shuffling between work, visitors, other things that seem to crop up and then sticking to those dates, no one canceling out. but no group travel is true if one person at least does not cancel out…

then the nerve-wrecking decisions about one place versus another… i mean even if you decide the country, then which cities, in that what? and how to get your place in without letting the other person think you are dominating the plans…hmmm…

and once you have settled into the place to travel to and think most of it is done, the nail-biting wait till the credit card gets plugged (while you are hoping you typed out the right details, dates and all)… once that’s done, you are just praying that nothing comes up that you need to cancel. if you traveling by train in india, this is the time you are praying for your ticket to move up the line and get confirmed…

the most fun part is finding the right clothes, bag and other things you carrying with you. but given that i am a light traveler, my search becomes for a top that can be my day dress and then with a couple of accessories can become my night-time party clothes too!

so yippeeee… here is all to that travel planning… we are better than the other camp!

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