hello world!

there are two kinds of travelers : the planner-people and the ‘lets take off’ people!

the no-planners, no-googlers, we-are-just-impulsive-you-know, we-never-plan-travelers are cool! we all definitely want to be them, i mean it just sounds better to say, “oh am just taking off to europe (or wherever else), you know, last minute plans… hope we get a place to stay and all!” of course there is that certain bit of planning, we all need a visa, tickets and things like that. but thats the basic, am talking planning down to a tee!

well, i plan. meticulously, tediously, efficiently.

i use all the tools that the modern world empowers me with – word, excel, google, google maps, blogs, travel sites, travel books, magazines and anything i can lay my hands on… you get the drift!

yeah, it sounds so boring, and i’d like to believe i was otherwise… i have dreams of unplanned travel, but for me at times its more like a nightmare than one with a happy ending! and the cause for this – my money-thrifty genes tell me i would spend more on that last minute desire and so… i plan. always. well in advance. and always hunger for the cheapest deal!

of course once i have planned it… i just take off! … you know… 😀

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