an evening at santorini

I went to Santorini a couple of years ago. And it was every bit as beautiful as all the tourist websites claimed it would be. And yes, if you are headed to Greece, go there! Also we did go to Oia and yes, it was gorgeous! And we even regretted not staying there, however touristy it actually ended up being it was pretty. That’s the … Continue reading an evening at santorini

let there be light!

a photo post in response to the weekly photo challenge: let there be light! light comes in many forms… from the glimmering brass valakku my grandma lights everyday to the black stone diyas outside temples. from modern streetlights to those that exude old-world charm. from cities dressed up in light to tunnels that aren’t all dark! light. creates. light.   dailypost: Continue reading let there be light!