our beach-side home for the next 4 nights

Searching for a place that matched all our criteria look a little bit of time. We wanted an Airbnb/homestay where Inji could be off-leash and free to roam around. He isn’t a dog that comes on recall, so it needed to be a manageable sized property. We started with the hunt for a villa with a private pool, having had dreams of swimming with the … Continue reading our beach-side home for the next 4 nights

the coconut palms give way

goa without the beaches

usually a post on a holiday in goa would begin with the sea, and end with the sea and there would be many mentions of the sea in between all of that too… words about the lovely beaches, the lovely sand, the private beach which you couldn’t reach, the lounging, the shacks, ‘susegad’, the packed shacks, martin’s corner, sunset at betalbatim, interspersed with vegetarians cribbing … Continue reading goa without the beaches