And I’m printed!

Some things just creep up on you. And realisation dawns slowly, but then the joy blooms. Editor: “Can I run some of your pieces that have already appeared in an online magazine?” Me: “Ok, that’ll be great.” A pause and then a second email followed… Me: “Will they pay?” Editor: “No, we cannot… sorry.” Me: “Ok, fine…It’s good exposure” (And in my head, Damn DAMN DAMNNN… But … Continue reading And I’m printed!

purushwadi is now up at the alternative!

if i haven’t reached you through facebook or twitter, then i will try and reach out to you here. my article on my trip to purushwadi is now up at thealternative! yipeee 🙂 this is one of my favourite websites for sustainability, though really bad pay masters! if you haven’t come across them earlier, then do visit their site now. they cover a range of really … Continue reading purushwadi is now up at the alternative!