juxtaposition: past and the present

the past and the present
what could be and what is
what should be and what isn’t
relevance vs. disregard.

the new order sticks to the old
that grace is far from the uncouthness
two lines on two parallel planes. intersection.

the past is present here.
bypassed, forgotten, ignored
silence, mistaken for support
in this loud, garish ‘now’

protect. preserve. support. conserve.
this cannot become nostalgia

we must remember. we must revere. we must restore.
that part of us that it still there…
behind, beneath, beyond this ugliness
of wires, disrespect and callous disregard.

wire-bound heritage building in varanasi
wires deface a heritage building in varanasi

a note:
i am always surprised at how the indian aesthetic has corroded with time. i look at every building around me and wonder if 50 years later someone will find THIS beautiful. well, don’t today and i agree i might not be the expert anyway.
at the same time, we seem to show total disregard for what was beautiful in the part. we suffer from selective amnesia of the past,  of some of the gore, of all of the beauty. and if we don’t remember the past, if we don’t learn from the past and if we don’t protect the past, then somehow i don’t know if we can go forward…i think great nations use the past as a strong foundation for the present and the future. why don’t we seem to be doing that?

this is part of the weekly photo challenge by daily post. check it out and join in the conversation.

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