children during travel…

realise that title could be misleading! i don’t mean how to take children along when you travel, have no experience of that, and currently, well don’t wish to either! it feels like it will be akin to traveling with mr-demanding-my-way-all-time and then they always want their way! god. [yeah that my (maybe myopic) view of kids right now!]

i like bumping into kids. sometimes local, sometimes other ppl’s truants… but its fun, and nice. i like the faces of kids as they sit and take in the surroundings. they are frank and unadulterated! so i click away. pictures of them, their faces, expressions… and hoping in that to catch their view…

in france, i traveled with a bunch of school kids from chamonix to the aguille midi peak. its a tiny train – almost toy train-esque. and we were surrounded by little children, talking beautifully in french. of course i had to stop and think thats the only language they know… while spontaneously i seemed to think ‘wow, when did they learn that!’

furtive glances. look-aways. giggles.

little girls in pink. pigtails tied in ribbon. pink coloured specs!

messy hair. broken-tooth grins. freckles-dotted cheeks.

finger in mouth. dangling legs.

its great fun to see them act out their lessons – ‘never talk to strangers’! and then I just go and mess it all up!

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