bandra: graffiti gully and more…

19th april. my first photo-walk and it was awesome fun!

so to repeat that with my classmates from a photography session, we did the walk again on 28th october! from lucky down the gullies of a village in bandra… till we reached Stanislaus… we were to be 8 enthu-cutlets, but ended up being just 4! it was great fun as we had with us a mixed bunch…
1. camera pro, who was telling all of us what to do… and he was from that locality… thus was telling us stories, about his life, the village and the people!
2. one newbie, who was struggling to handle his own camera… and hardly took any pics…
3. and two others – no distinguishing characteristics…

the route of our photo walk in bandra

now waiting for the next one!

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