maharashtra – exploring the interiors

Wines in the Nasik valley, caves in Ajanta Elora, meteor crater at Lonar… take a car and drive out and discover the heartland of Maharashtra.

The first stop is Nasik.
A brilliant drive from Mumbai, especially just post the monsoons. The highway is well maintained and takes a flat 2.5 hours if you are fast driver (or my husband!). The undulating landscape covered with grass and grazing animals makes for a ‘just-something-else’ experience! In other words, way more scenic than the Mumbai-Pune expressway!
Stay at a vineyard, and enjoy the sunset over fields of grapes. Many now-renowned wineries offer a complete package – stay, food + tours around the winery – Sula, Chateau D’Ori. Choose what fits your bill and go for it.

From Nasik travel to Aurangabad and visit the famous Ajanta Ellora caves.
Stay for a minimum of two days to explore the caves. You can also visit the nearby meteor crater at Lonar. On the way back to Mumbai pass through Ralegan Siddhi – Anna Hazare’s village – which is a model of sustainable development. This village is off-Ahmednagar.

One can also visit Narayangaon (Wineyard of Chataeu Indage) or Malshej ghat on the way back to Mumbai or Pune.

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