the 100 women project

i am a woman. in india. i have an elder brother.

i have grown up with no discrimination. my parents never said my brother could do something and i couldn’t, based on the fact that i was a girl. it was a great amount of equal love and equal opportunity showered on both of us. and my mom prayed for a girl. so i knew i was wanted. which is great with such high levels of female infanticide around.

women are getting more rights, more power, more space to be heard. so yippee! i am not a feminist. or i don’t know the meaning of that word – and there is too much negative muck making all that’s good with a ‘feminist’ hazy, at least for me. so till i get a good explanation for who is a feminist, i don’t think i want to ‘define’ my views. i want equal power and voice to everyone, each individual, girl or boy, young or old, poor or rich.

in this space, i want to showcase women… that i have met, over time. some while traveling, some while working, but they always seemed to draw me in, make me curious. i am one of them, but at times my life seems to disconnected from theirs and it always leaves me wondering.

some sweet, some spicy, some startling, some archaic, some not-me, some dominated, some strong-willed, some surprising, some lovely… women!

this is a start!

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