how to be a greedy vegetarian in thailand

“We need to know all the words for beef, chicken, fish everything when we visit Bangkok,” a worried me spluttered to my husband as we boarded the flight to Bangkok. I am more apprehensive about being a vegetarian in South-East Asia than I am in Europe, even in the hardcore meat eating countries there. Vegetarianism is not something the South-East Asians understand that well. Dried shrimp, a favourite topping, … Continue reading how to be a greedy vegetarian in thailand

‘parangikkai’ or pumpkin soup shines through from chettinad

when have you stayed in a place for just 2 nights and actually hoped that they served you the same food for dinner on both nights? i did! what got me weak in the mouth? good ol’ pumpkin soup… yes, thats all! let me explain. in south indian homes, we have our rasams. they are gloriously warm in colour, spicy and sour at one go, … Continue reading ‘parangikkai’ or pumpkin soup shines through from chettinad

the ingredients waiting for become curry

goan style pumpkin curry

travel for me is all about getting to know the local people through their culture, arts and traditions, and what better than their food. while i don’t think i am a foodie from what i understand to be the modern sense of that word… i don’t understand ingredients, can’t guess whats in the pot unless told, and i can’t even tell if the salt is less or … Continue reading goan style pumpkin curry