book review: island of a thousand mirrors

Island of a Thousand Mirrors by Nayomi Munaweera is erotic and sensual. It is not a story of lust, but it is a story of human emotions and turbulence. It is erotic in its descriptions, it is sensual in the nakedness with which it bares the protagonist’s soul. It is contained in its depiction¬†of a war-struck Sri Lanka; the country and it’s turmoil is neither … Continue reading book review: island of a thousand mirrors

sri lanka: exploring the cultural triangle…

it was a mom-daughter trip. to sri lanka! there were multiple ways to play it.. go to colombo + kandy and then head down towards galle and mirisa. however we decided we didn’t want to meet the indian ocean (will have to go back there for that one day, as always here such rave reviews about sri lankan beaches) decided to even skip colombo! people … Continue reading sri lanka: exploring the cultural triangle…

stepping on the sandakada pahana (moonstone) at srilanka

moonstone at the bodhi temple
moonstone at the bodhi temple

i visited sri lanka last year and that is the first time i came across a sandakada pahana or moonstone in english.

this is a semi-circular stone that is seen at the entrance of the temples at anuradhapuram and polonnaruwa.

buddhism flourished during the anuradhapuram. this is when the moonstone was supposed to have developed the most and become the most elaborate with intricate carvings. prior to that it was a square slab of stone.

carved in stone, the moonstone embodies the teachings of buddhism.

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walk like an elephant…

i had never ‘met’ an elephant!

growing up in india, i have seen many elephants of course. and not in zoos! a lot of big temples in the south would still have their stable of elephants. plus occasionally an elephant would walk down the road… and we kids would rush to see… peep out of windows… bend over from the balcony… run down the stairs and stare… in wonder…

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