paddy fields, bugs and random walks

I like walking around villages and the back-roads, chucking the route the car would take and just walking, till I find my way home. And rural Kerala, or maybe all villages, just cough up such trails effortlessly. Years ago, we’d walked around the farmland at Kooderi Manna and reached a railway track. City-bred me had never placed a coin and watched a train rush over … Continue reading paddy fields, bugs and random walks

lavender flowers and whispers

this was the first time i have consciously┬áseen lavender flowers (and i think these are lavender flowers). i saw them from a distance and went running saying, ‘lavender, lavender…’ so if these aren’t lavender flowers please don’t tell me so, i’m oblivious-ly happy. (pun completely and totally intended; i thought through it – i wonder why people say unintended!) i have heard about those beautiful … Continue reading lavender flowers and whispers