phrana korn norn len (bangkok)

it’s a huge mix.

of cute and practical
of earthy and modern
of natural and functional
of sensible and indulgent
of convenient and yet charming…
a homestay but a hotel
and i could stay here forever!

it started with a mango shake. and i think that’s it i was sold. it was thick, full of mango, cold and extremely comforting in the heat of bangkok.

everyone was extremely friendly and all the people were smiling and laughing, happy place!

rooms are very practically sized, so compact but sufficient. with wall-papered walls in colours and design that i would never choose for my house, but that makes me feel like i am in another country and immersing in their ‘us-ness’. it has a vintage feel with its furniture, door knobs… a walk down the corridors and a look at all the murals and chairs that seem to hang around and invite you to pause in the quick run up the stairs…its quaint, but doesn’t feel like a museum. doesn’t feel like they are trying too hard.

the bathroom is neat and clean. the wash basin is a wonderful old wooden bucket… the food is tasty and breakfast scrumptious.

there are small touches right from the word go that makes the experience come alive. starting from the map behind the reception counter, the tiny mosquito repellant cream in every room, the warning note to tell you NOT to steal the bathroom toiletries, but buy some if you liked it! 😀 there is a shop with a lot of cute souvenirs which make for a good last minute purchase.

a good location. close enough to the old city – a 15 minute walk away, and tucked in a lane so very quiet. there is no view. but given the heat, the air conditioner would be turned on throughout!

there is a natural feel to the place…
like its mushroomed out of that place… has always been there…
so don’t go here if you want large spacious rooms, with huge bathrooms and a tub… go there if you want a quiet, personal experience…

for more click on phranakorn norlen!

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