Indian Women Travellers, Leading the Way into 2014 – Part 2

hello readers.

while i would have liked to have my two cents worth above the reblogged post, wordpress doesn’t seem to let me do that!

this is my first ever interview as a travel writer and as a person… it feels very good. and i am extremely pleased to be a part of this amazing group of women through this interview. note to self: definitely need to learn the art of brevity.

read on, i am the last interview in this list.

thanks vijay 🙂

FeelFreeorFly India

This is Part 2 of the monthly series featuring Indian Women Travellers. For this series, a set of questions were sent to Indian women travel bloggers with the aim of finding out a bit more about their lives and what motivated them. The underlying purpose of this series is to get more people from India and around the world to get inspired and seek out the many fantastic adventures and sights that India has to offer.

To know more about this series, please read the post – Indian Women Travellers, Leading the Way into 2014 – Part 1.

Featured here in Part 2 are 7 women travellers from India who have gone beyond the norms and decided to take the path less trodden.

1) ANITA BORA ( Bora

Q: How long have you been travelling?
A: More than 10 years now.

Q: What got…

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5 thoughts on “Indian Women Travellers, Leading the Way into 2014 – Part 2

  1. Lovely words and emotions expressed, Bhavani
    I seem to agree with everything you’ve said in this interview.

    And congratulations on your *first* interview and many more to come!


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