interesting articles i’ve been reading this week

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THE END OF BOOKS? so much is changing around us; the way we consume art definitely is!

this article made me think about books, reading and me… so a tangential stream of wandering… there was a time when ‘new ideas’, ‘broadening horizons’, ‘learning different cultures’ and all those other brilliant things were attributed to books, definitely for me!  but is that true even today? i think not anymore…  thoughts, ideas, new perspectives come from the www out there, the multitude of articles i come across either through people or while surfing. and this article by seth godin is a good example – it got me thinking and it’s not in a book.

thanks mita for sharing it!

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NEIL GAIMAN is my current favourite author! i have discovered him really late, but isn’t he good! so i am on a self-willed neil-gaiman-marathon. the count: 4 books done, and on the 5th now! but neil – i must say its expensive to be doing this, each book costs about Rs. 300… anyone want to sponsor my ‘discovery of neil gaiman’?

interestingly, he didn’t graduate and didn’t even fail trying to! he learnt as he wrote he says & from all the mistakes! it’s nice to hear him talk about his mistakes & worries, makes even someone as creative as him – human – and just like me… to all those closet artists, writers, singers, painters and all other art forms – start making the mistakes now… but before you do that, watch this! i realise that my dream might be similar, i too want to ‘support myself through my words’!

thanks deepa for sharing this article!

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FIRSTPOST keeps putting out good stuff, ideas that make me wonder and view-points that make my mind stretch…

this article on bollywood with it’s hollow masala potboilers and the roaring success that follows them! so, i asked myself, why do we watch such movies? as suprateek chaterjee has said in this article: “After the Diwali and Christmas releases, the national IQ has dropped by at least 10 points annually.”

why do we? in my defense, i studiously avoided this movie, and refused to watch it… sigh, i do love pav bhaji but don’t want to let the pav bhaji mafia win over the brown-rice mafia. go read and DON’T watch! the article is here: why do we consume junk films like chennai express?

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© google images

THE GRAMMAR OF RAPE…  this article really got me thinking today. can the sentence formation, the voice used, object… can something that simple make such a difference? can it change the way we think about important situations, aggressions, crimes? read more about the grammar of rape here

thanks gopal aka slogan murugan, you always bring some brilliant stuff to the plate!

2 thoughts on “interesting articles i’ve been reading this week

  1. The grammar of rape is brilliant.
    Thinking of it, never, NEVER was it ever said ‘4 MEN raped a girl”
    Never thought of it, Bhavani
    The active voice keeping low and projecting the passivity through the passive voice.

    The men have always protected themselves. And how well they have done it for generations. And, like idiots, we women, would have quoted the papers saying that ‘a girl was raped’

    Yes, ultimately it is the woman why bears the brunt, but at least now there are ways of pointing a finger at the men and not at the woman. And maybe soon ‘the wicked culprit’ would be brought to suffer,
    Who knows how much these good articles and thoughts will propel people into right action. . . but it’s good that you thought of posting them at your blog


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