World Photography Day and Me!

Just after World Photography Day (and maybe a couple of days too late), a glimpse into what pictures mean to me, and why you see so many on my blog. And a few photographs to leave you with shared memories.

THE “church” in Churchgate

If you’ve lived in Mumbai even for a short while you would have come across Churchgate station — that is the first stop on the Western line at the extreme South of Mumbai. But… Continue reading

It’s Navroz, let’s PARSI!

My latest article that was posted on Lonely Planet India’s website today.  Check it out, and let me know what you think! The original link – It’s Navroz, let’s PARSI! August 18 is Parsi New… Continue reading

The Freedom Trail Mumbai!

This article just went up on Lonely Planet India’s website. Let me know what you think :) And Happy Independence Day to all the Indians out there! Visit it here: The Freedom Trail,… Continue reading

Have you been to Devaraja Market, Mysore?

A company is running a competition for ‘vibrant india’ and it got me thinking about some of my pictures from Mysore. Don’t you think bazaars are such colourful places? they make for great photographs,… Continue reading

sapna, purushwadi

purushwadi, june 2013.   this was one cute, enthusiastic, wide-eyed kid. we were tourists at her house in purushwadi, maharashtra… we walked around, observed her mother pounding rice in the traditional way… sapna… Continue reading

THIS is YOUR next holiday!

Coming your way are travel suggestions for LONG holiday weekends! 2014 has been a good year as far as long weekends go – of course, depending on the days your office choses as its… Continue reading

Hide-Out, Jhadpoli, Maharastra – your home in a farmstay

A farm 200 kms from Mumbai, built on land bought 23 years ago, in a tiny village that even State transport buses (at times) don’t pass by, that has more than 20 varieties… Continue reading

the girl and me – jawahar, thane

early 2011. jawahar, thane just two hours away from mumbai, post a hearty lunch that left me bloated with a feeling that i would burst and looking almost on the verge of it like a raisin… Continue reading

the girl in rural andhra pradesh

august, 2009 – rural andhra pradesh near kurnool.  it was a rural research study in andhra pradesh to understand awareness, malnutrition and the lives of village girls. the study meant it had to be… Continue reading

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  • merrytogoaround instagrammed

    Broken but operational skeleton ashtray from Indonesia. Picked up when I went there more than 16 years old. Carried it with me to 4 cities...hopesd to deter (disgust)  smoker friends. They couldn't care less... for @anushankarn Bebook - a mobile library for kids in the state of goa. Lovely initiative; supported by the equally lovely folks at Literati. Don't remember? It's that awesome library in calangute in an old Portuguese house... Shared pictures a few weeks ago. 
Proceeds from some books at Literati go towards the cause. 
POA -> visit Literati -> find those books -> purchase books -> support the cause.

I've done it. Now you do it too!  Let's get kids reading! By the beach... #bordi

If only my camera lens wasn't so dirty! The crematorium at #bordi 
It stands there on the beach, in the middle of nowhere when it's low tide. Never seen one like this. 
Cremation grounds / crematoriums always reiterate to me - you come alone and go alone. But none so far have made me feel how 'alone' that alone is... This one did. We stood near by with the wind promising to move even the earth with it's supreme force. 
These places always get me comparing the concept of cremation versus burial. I genuinely prefer cremation as a concept, with logical arguments and all! 
What about you?