jaisalmer, rajasthan: “i let my girls go…”

migrating some of my pages, to my posts. you might see content you’ve read before. bear with me for a bit. jaisalmer, december 2007   i do not remember her name but i remember… Continue reading

White Brick Wall & launching the designer bakeware collection

White Brick Wall, a multi-designer shop in Panaji, Goa, was launched around a month ago. I was headed to Goa for the long weekend and Shamoli, the co-owner & founder  invited me to an event – the… Continue reading

Make your smartphone battery last longer while travelling!

This is the age of smartphones, Instagram and constantly reporting where you are! The battery of a smartphone won’t last a day of your normal life at home, when you travel IT GETS EVEN… Continue reading

your nails, my story

I love solo travel, it has its ups! What I also think is that when you find that ideal travel partner, then solo travelling can be rather boring and sometimes actually lonely – despite… Continue reading

Iron drums at Kochi beach front

i walk by, wondering, thinking, wondering… approach, almost touch, peep into the holes on the sides, get shocked by the garbage, step back, almost touch again, step back. [hmmm] what are these two… Continue reading

Karnataka – Of long holidays, bad colds and homesickness!

The last few months have been a world wind of activity and most of it in my head, I must tell you. But there have been new things to do, new territories ventured into… Continue reading

painting the streets of india

This is my latest article and it’s about what I love about streets in India… The emergence and growth Modern Graffiti – calling it that because the argument is Indians have always decorated walls,… Continue reading

nagpur – the breakfast story

yesterday we traversed through fort kochi but today let me zip you away to nagpur. if you want a continuous story.. errr… wrong place. i am fickle in all kinds of ways. and… Continue reading

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    I went a little mad at Literati #bookstore #goa #india #calangute - the secondhand section! 6 books in 5 minutes and one is a lovely hardbound. :) pictures of those to follow! Literati #cafe & #bookstore #goa #india #calangute #travel Literati #goa #calangute #bookstore #india #travel Delightful, amazing, quirky #bookstore set in an old #portuguese house. With a #labrador to boot who wanders around sniffing and demanding attention as you sort through second hand and new #books with one hand only. This is literati #goa #calangute #india #travel