walking the streets of kochi – the street art

graffiti that always catches my attention and keeps me revetted. i don’t know if this happens to you, but once i see one piece of graffiti or street art in a city, i start searching all… Continue reading

6 things YOU didn’t know about Chennai & Madras

i have to admit it, i cannot lie. i visited chennai every summer when i was in school and recently lived there for two whole years but i didn’t know all these things about chennai.… Continue reading

6 water bodies with an unusual tale

my article: “6 water bodies with a story to tell” is now up at The Alternative. this piece talks about crocodiles, 17th c rain water harvesting and a bubbling tank – amongst other things!… Continue reading

amritsar and her golden temple

let me begin by saying that i am a confused atheist. my parents never really took us to temples; no childhood memories of peeping over those bars for the ‘darshanam of shiva’. my… Continue reading

chennai “rediscovered” (coming up soon)

i’m off to chennai… the land of my forefathers and the land of my parents. i never grew up there but in pune. i recently read degree coffee by the yard and you… Continue reading

a taste of spiti, himachal

somewhere in the himalayan range, hidden between two passes lies the spiti valley. it is a 5 – 7 hour rocky journey from manali or shimla, depending on which side you enter from.… Continue reading

varanasi by the ganga: a sketch

it was the first night at varanasi. as i decided to venture into the dark  & dingy ganga-fuji restaurant. the owner waxed eloquent about his food and chatted about tourists, varanasi and everything by… Continue reading

why i LOVE to HATE varanasi

I love Varanasi. And at the same time, I hate Varanasi! Read no further, if you cannot understand this emotion… if you think you feel the same, continue.  Varanasi startles each of my… Continue reading

book review: island of a thousand mirrors

Island of a Thousand Mirrors by Nayomi Munaweera is erotic and sensual. It is not a story of lust, but it is a story of human emotions and turbulence. It is erotic in… Continue reading

five best places to celebrate holi

First published on the AudioCompass Blog, written by moi :) This is the link to the piece there: Five Best Places to Celebrate Holi Holi, the wildest Hindu Festival is loud, chaotic, lively and… Continue reading

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    And so, to add another dimension to my trip! 
I board the train at badami station...this is after waiting for an hour because it was late. (just to establish my game of mind) 
I get onto my coach, get to my seat... And claim it. To be told it's someone else's. TT comes in, checks my ticket (sms) looks at his chart,  looks back up and then says in a 'eureka' voice "your ticket is for next month!" I had booked the ticket for the same day in MAY!! #traveloops The beautiful ahastya tank
#badami #karnataka #india One of the many step wells in aihole. This one has some carvibgs all along the walls and steps. #Aihole is a set of temples thats around 1400 years old! 
#karnataka #india The beauty mausoleum near the badami caves - is private property so one can't enter. But isn't it gorgeous? It's asked like the actual gol gumbaz at bijapur which I've heard it's gorgeous. that's for the next trip!