the graffiti festival mumbai!

This Sunday, after having seen multiple updates on St. Art Delhi’s Facebook page, I decided to go and check out the latest art that was dotting walls across Mumbai. If you’ve read my previous pieces you will know that graffiti and me have a strong relationship, of course, it’s one sided for now! Read more here. At the entrance to Pali Village is this black and white large … Continue reading the graffiti festival mumbai!

five best places to celebrate holi

First published on the AudioCompass Blog, written by moi 🙂 This is the link to the piece there: Five Best Places to Celebrate Holi Holi, the wildest Hindu Festival is loud, chaotic, lively and colourful. And, of course, you want to celebrate it. This festival is not celebrated in the South of India, so we focus our lens to the cities and towns in the rest … Continue reading five best places to celebrate holi