the two sides of hauz khas, new delhi

you are at hauz khas, new delhi.

There is the glitzy glamour of the designer boutiques on the main road… with their brightly lit front glass shop fronts, the slim mannequins that make everything look runway fresh and their dangerous promises to transform an average Jane into a Kate Moss. The halo of consumerism is alive here, tempting even the most inept window browser and pushing her over the edge to become a multiple-bag carrying shopping-fashionista.

On the other side, hidden in the alleyways, you will find an alternate voice in words, colours and designs. There are labels here too, and probably these are well-known names in another world…

Two simultaneous expressions of our society… two simultaneous expressions of the same sides of one coin, or are they different? Is the graffiti artist a frequent shopper at these designer boutiques? Or is this graffiti in the by-lanes the silent rebellion against the fashionista tune reverberating in the main roads?

What do you think?





IMG_9130 IMG_9129 IMG_9123

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