And I’m printed!

Some things just creep up on you. And realisation dawns slowly, but then the joy blooms.

Editor: “Can I run some of your pieces that have already appeared in an online magazine?”
Me: “Ok, that’ll be great.”

A pause and then a second email followed…
Me: “Will they pay?”
Editor: “No, we cannot… sorry.”
Me: “Ok, fine…It’s good exposure”
(And in my head, Damn DAMN DAMNNN… But it’s already published online so it’s ok. Plus it’s exposure – all exposure is good exposure)

A few days later, the pieces appeared in the online edition. On 17th April. I don’t even think I shared it anywhere, felt it wasn’t a big deal… Today I got to know that it also appeared in the print edition in the Bangalore edition.

The joy crept slowly, and with the realisation… this was my first piece in print. Print is much more grown up, mature version compared to online magazines. I still love online magazines, they’ve given me my first break. But I feel all grown up and all capitalised (Note, I have shelved my love for smallcase to write this grown-up looking piece :) )

Click here to read the two pieces on Shimla: The New Indian Express-Bangalore, 17 April 2014 _DigitalEdition

And then I looked for the other piece… That was the print edition too… Yazdani Bakery Mumbai: The New Indian Express-Bangalore, 08 May 2014 _DigitalEdition


Today’s conversation, before the discovery (These are all emails by the way. But aren’t emails now akin to conversations. They are the kind I have the most so…)

Me: “These articles are in the web edition or also print?”
Editor: “Both. :)”
Me: “Ah, nice” (Polite reply. And then I did my little jig with the volume turned up… )

Now for more and MORE AND more printed work! 

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