help me win a trip to god’s own country

yes. its been a bit of a harassing spell from my end to all those people whose email ids i have, to all those on my facebook timeline… i am back here to persuade all those 300+ subscribers to my blog.

there is a competition being run by the kerala tourism board and 25 lucky winners get to go for a two-week trip from the north to the south of kerala. do i want to go? yes, very badly! :) but it means i need to get votes from all of you and many others. i am right now number 27 in the list and the gap between me and the top chap is more than 260 votes! and the gap is increasing every minute. i do ‘mind’ the gap. so HELP!

it’s all in your hands.

if you visit this blog, like the stuff and would like to be taken on a road trip from the north to the south of kerala right here with me, then vote today!


kerala blog express

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