100 books in 365 days by august 2014: where am i today?

given my hand issue (like calling it that) and me being told to stay away from the computer, i set up a target (unrealistic, i realise now, but it’s been set and i want try to chase it. no i won’t cheat and read books with just 10 pages!)

100 BOOKS IN 365 DAYS.

from august 2013 to august 2014.

5 months into the challenge and i am only at 28 books. i am never reaching that target at my slow rate. but it’s the dream. the kindle’s been bought,  ipad’s been stuffed will multiple e-reading apps. flipkart went on a massive sale recently and i bought more than 14 books for just 1200! the bookshelf is already sagging with the weight and dreams of unread books. i have my path set. (i am like a shopaholic when it comes to books, when i see a bookshop i have to enter, when i see a book that sounds nice i have to get it and i might just never get around to reading it anytime soon. so, my bookshelf is the typical girl’s closet of clothes!)

i wanted to write this post when i finished reading 25 books, quarter century and all… but didn’t get down to it.

presenting the list of books finished in 2013.

i get bored with long book reviews so dividing it into three groups – whether it’s a must read, a maybe or a miss – the 3 Ms of book reading if you must give it a name. if you want to know more about any of the books am sure online reviews will help or leave a comment and i will tell you more :D

so ready, steady and go!

1. neil gaiman (ng) – the ocean at the end of the road MUST
the emperor series by conn iggulden MUST (read more here
2. conn iggulden: the gates of rome MUST
3. conn iggulden:  the death of kings MUST
4. jhumpa lahiri: the lowland MISS
5. ng: coraline MUST
6. ruskin bond: our trees still  grow in dehra MAYBE
7. ng and someone else: inter world MISS
8. ng and someone else:  the silver dream MISS
9. ng: the graveyard MUST
10. j. k. rowling: The Cuckoo’s calling MUST
11. ng: Neverwhere MUST
12. ng: Anasi boys MUST
13. conn iggulden: emperor series book 3 MUST 
14. conn iggulden: emperor series book 4 MUST
15. ng: american gods MUST 
16. ng: stardust MUST – not his best but i still liked it. 
17. khalid hosseni: and the mountains echoed MUST
18. rk laxman: mahabharata MISS (surprising, but it’s just a catalog of events and people. only if you just want to know the general gist of mahabharata)
19. eunic de souza: dangerlok interesting but MISS
20. conflicting love – book of poems MAYBE for a few lovely poems
21. salman rushdie: haroun and the sea of stories MUST
22. saadat hasan manto – toba tek singh – stories MUST
23. arthur miller: death of a salesman MUST (read it ages ago and had forgotten it so read it again, really liked it all over again!)
24. vikram seth: beastly tales from here and there MUST for couple of stories. MAYBE for some. he’s really good.
25. sophie kinsella: i’ve got your number MISS (i needed a quick book, and was curious about this author. starts really well and then dies down!)
26. jodi picoult:  my sister’s keeper MAYBE if you must :D, it drags a bit though really thought-provoking bits.
27. rene j. cappon: guide to punctuation MUST (or any other book on punctuation. i learnt so much, especially how my love for exclamations is a ‘breathless’ habit. harumph!!!) 

just finished: paddy clarke ha ha ha (MUST) and reading bridget jones diary and the edge of reason. yes, you might be surprised i haven’t read it as yet. she’s got a great sense of humour. got a little bored yesterday half way through book one, but like it enough to finish it.

overall, a lot of MUST reads. and if you guys like reading, take up the challenge, its great fun! and discovered one of my favourite authors – neil gaiman.

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